Efficiency Vermont

Teaming up with Efficiency Vermont for Savings

Did you know that only 10 percent of the energy used by an incandescent light bulb produces light? The rest is given off as heat. According to Efficiency Vermont, if you replace 25 percent of your light bulbs with fluorescents, you can save about 50 percent off your lighting bill.

Choosing the right light bulb is just one simple way to use green alternatives in your home, office or business. We work with Efficiency Vermont and Renewable Energy Vermont to discover ways for you to reduce your energy bills, search for rebates and purchase energy efficient equipment, and then install it for you so it makes environmental and economic sense.

LEDs can be matched to high-efficiency fixtures and controls for deeper savings. Together, bulb and fixture work to lower energy costs, boost aesthetics and security, and minimize environmental impact. Current rebates apply to retrofits as well as new installs, and cover a range of products for both home and business: track lights, ceiling fixtures, porch lights, bays and troffers, outdoor floods, bollards, canopy, and pole-mounted fixtures.

Try these tips to achieve the greatest electrical efficiency:

  • Maximize your savings by matching bulbs to the right fixture
  • Improve visibility thanks to higher color rendering index of LEDs
  • Be more secure and efficient with motion and auto-daylight sensors

Other groups we work with:

  • Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS)
  • Energy Star
  • Federally subsidized weatherization including BROC and Neighborworks
  • Green Mountain Power
  • Home Energy Audit Companies
  • Home Inspectors
  • Rutland County Solid Waste District
  • Vermont Department of Public Safety
  • Vermont Energy Investment Corporation