Generators keep you connected and comfortable with power when you need it.

Power failures are unfortunately the quickest way to learn how much we depend on electricity to power not only our homes, but our lives. Today’s families rely on staying connected to power our appliances and electronic devices that keep us comfortable and connected year round. Hence, power interruptions are much more of an inconvenience than ever before. Talk to Rob Stubbins to learn about the options for reliable backup power in efficient, convenient whole house Kohler® generators or small, economical portable generators.

Clean Efficient & Quiet!

Generators have come a long way from the old days of noisy, inefficient units that deliver very limited power. Whole house generators are typically installed with automatic switch gear which turn on within seconds of a power failure, and off again when the power is restored. This is so convenient, many homeowners report not even noticing an outage until they hear about it from the neighbors! We install and service all brands of backup, standby and portable generators designed to keep the lights on and appliances powered up during power outages.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are a cost-effective alternative to whole house standby generators. They are effective at generating a limited supply of electricity during a power outage, but they take some advance planning to keep them safely operating and carrying the load effectively. Fuel should be safely stored and the unit must be located in a well-ventilated outdoor area to avoid serious injury. Most people are not aware that these units can be set up to easily provide power while avoiding running long dangerous extension cord throughout your home. We install a quick-connect for portable generators to keep power flowing to your selected circuits as soon as you plug it in and turn it on. With the limited load that a portable can handle, they are most commonly used to keep refrigerators, a couple of lights and well water running. More circuits can be added, depending on the capacity of the generator.

Generator Repairs and Preventive Maintenance Programs

To ensure you get maximum life expectancy and complete dependability from your generator, we have annual service programs to ensure yours is maintained to manufacturer specifications and always ready to power up on-demand when needed during a power outage. We make sure your battery is strong, the oil is changed, sparkplugs are activating and the filters are clean, so you never have to wonder if you’ll have back-up power when you need it most.

Generator won’t start?

If you encounter a situation where your generator just won’t start or will not power up your home as expected, call us to get it repaired. Sometimes repairs are needed for your generator, and most commonly repairs will be needed if it has gone unused for a long period of time. Just like a car that sits and never gets started up, and then won’t when you want it to, generators too need to be “exercised” to keep the fluids flowing and the working parts lubricated. Even without a generator maintenance program, we are happy to visit your home or business to start up and check out your generator so you can be assured it will come on during those unexpected blackouts when you need it most. Nothing is worse than thinking you are prepared with back-up generator power and then learning during the power outage that your generator needed a minor adjustment, repair or some basic maintenance.

Generator Sales

As an authorized Kohler® Dealer, we sell a full line of generators of all sizes to keep your home or business in business when the power goes out. Our team is fully trained at Kohler’s factory on every aspect of installation, routine service, troubleshooting and warranty work. We stay up-to-date on all new products and service updates through our regional Kohler® distributor to provide you with the best choices for your lifestyle.

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